Startup Visa Programs Attractiveness Index 2020 Report

Abdeljelil Amari
7 months ago | read time : 58 seconds, in Visa Programs

On 12 October 2020, Startups Without Borders has released its first Startup VISA Programs Attractiveness Index 2020 presenting their ranking of the countries with the most attractive startup visas.

The Startup Visa Programs Attractiveness Index is meant to be an annual report to monitor the startup visa programs in order to help startuppers or Wanna-be-entrepreneurs to better compare the different alternatives available. Nevertheless, the index is also launched to help countries identify relevant policies and practices given that many governments are setting up specific programs to attract entrepreneurs and businesses with high growth potential.

For an objective ranking, the index was based on 3 categories of complementary scores, namely the business environment, the ecosystem maturity and the visa program itself.

Download the full report using the link below!

Swibo Administration

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